333333Who we are

Growponics, Ltd. is registered in the UK. The company’s business is building and operating agriculture projects in the UK, Continental Europe, Asia, North & South America and the rest of the world. Subsidiary partnerships include Growponics Americas, Growponics Hong Kong and Growponics Israel. read more…

do1What we do

Growponics Ltd., designs and builds automated greenhouses that use modern agronomics and high technology to maximize food/plant production and profitability on crop yields grown 365 days a year, specializing in a unique, shallow-bed, rotating using hydroponic growing methods. read more…

mishMission Statement

To provide a unique business model, patented technology license and management agreement that allows anyone, from any industry, to become food producers. To provide customized hydro-organic greenhouse facilities that maximize efficiency through automated growing systems throughout the World. Our technology optimizes food yields, flavor and nutrition; extends shelf life; offers herbicide and pesticide residue-free, and pathogen-free produce, which are environmentally-friendly and sustainable, using fewer resources. Our technology feeds more people healthier food.






Longer Shelf Life


Free From Pesticides Residues

Latest News

Announcing the Launching of Growponics Puerto Rico

Growponics is happy to announce the launch of GrowPonics-Puerto Rico (GP-PR). The company began building a state of the art automated Hydroponics Greenhouses project in the municipality of Isabela, Puerto Rico.  The GP-PR facilities are being installed within... read more

Safer Romaine Lettuce

Watch the C8 article on our farm in Guilford, Connecticut to see how we grow the best quality lettuce. As of the recent weeks, the largest E.Coli outburst since 2006.  While some of the incidents were connected to Romaine lettuce from a farm in Yuma, Arizona,... read more

First Harvest in Growponics Turkey

We are proud and excited to share that this week we have had our first harvest in our new Growponics HGF in Turkey. Scroll down to see the gorgeous colorful lettuce varieties, and how about this amazing Turkish spinach? Special thanks and congratulations to our... read more