Growponics is happy to announce the launch of GrowPonics-Puerto Rico (GP-PR).

The company began building a state of the art automated Hydroponics Greenhouses project in the municipality of Isabela, Puerto Rico.  The GP-PR facilities are being installed within “Finca Explora”, a non-profit farm dedicated to the technological development of agriculture in Puerto Rico.

The produce will substitute some of the massive import of fresh vegetables from California and Canada to PR, while creating local jobs and making a positive impact on the recovering local economy.

The project was delayed several times, mainly due to hurricane Maria, but is now finally kicking off.

Principal and managing partner of GP-PR is Javier Lamoso. Mr. Lamoso is an esteemed lawyer and serial entrepreneur within the Caribbean. Mr. Lamoso said:  “Today Puerto Rico imports over 90% of its leafy greens.  We want to substitute these imports with fresher and healthier alternatives that will provide better shelf life to our customers than their current alternative.  We also intend to grow our produce in a sustainable way.”

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