333333Who We Are

Growponics Ltd., designs and builds automated hydroponic greenhouse factories that use modern agronomics and high technology, to maximize food/plant production and profitability on crop yields grown 365 days a year, specializing in unique hydroponic growing methods. Our high performance method is probably the best growing technique in the world.

The company’s business is building and operating agriculture projects in the UK, Continental Europe and the rest of the world.

The company is positioned at the high end of projects building and uses high horticulture and hydroponics technologies.

The company’s Interests are:

1. Operation of Salads Production Plants (SPP’s).
2. Construction of SPP’s and other agriculture projects.
3. Investment in SPP’s

frameworkGrowponics’ technology removes the variables and constraints that Mother Nature puts on farmers and allows consistent quality of produce to ensure the best possible market price. Planting, harvesting and packaging is at a semi-automated level, including robotic features; done in a climate controlled environment, monitored by an advanced computerized control center, thus reducing the need for costly manpower and training. The computers monitor the environment, keeping the oxygen, light, carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature, nutrients and other factors at optimum levels. In such a closed, monitored environment, there are no harmful pesticide and herbicide residues, and it insures the produce is free of pathogenic bacteria, all of which are current major health issues with field-grown crops. We do not wash our produce with chlorine and other harmful chemicals, further increasing shelf-life and quality, taste and color. The minimal use of water, as compared to field crops (75%-90% savings) is an answer to water shortages. In addition, the uniquely designed greenhouse facilities can be put anywhere, because soil quality and the outdoor climate are not growing factors, as in the case of “field-grown” leafy greens.

doThis means that the produce can be grown near to wholesaler or retailer distribution points or nearby major metropolitan areas, to reduce the carbon footprint by 70%-90% and to ensure a short supply line (i.e., 6-24 hours from greenhouse to market shelves), providing the freshest, best-tasting produce with a longer shelf life. Growponics greenhouse facilities can be energy-independent, using solar, geo-thermal, wind and bio fuel energies, to make our facility even more environmentally-friendly, while producing premium produce.

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