hiGrowponics History


Growponics was founded in 2010 by English and Israeli entrepreneurs.  The English partners had a 30 years track record in marketing and operation of AHGHs (Automated Hydroponic Greenhouses). The Israeli partners had 12 years of experience in the development, design and building of AHGHs.

2011: Growponics Israel established.
2012: Growponics China established.
2013: Al-Palgei-Maim (APM) established.
2014: First R&D Greenhouse Factory established in Israel. First sales of produce in the Israeli market.
2015: Activity in the US market begins with the etablishment of H2O-Farm, a collaboration of Growponics with the CTS Group, and building of first Automated Hydroponic Greenhouse Factory (AHGH) in Guilford, Connecticut.
2016: Establishment of Growponics Turkey. Building first AHGH greenhouse factory in Izmir.

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