Finalizing August 2020, Growponics built a unique Hydroponic system for students at the Boyar institute of excellence. It is a small greenhouse that is equipped with all the latest leading technology of Growponics.

Established in 1964, Boyar is one of the most distinguished high-schools in Israel, and is dedicated to cultivating excellence in the scholastic performance of the students.

The students can learn the most advanced agricultural systems, not only from books and lectures, but by applying their studies onto the systems, learning how to operate, test, fix and optimize.

The ministry of education in Israel have signed this week (30th of November 2020) the purchase order of additional three systems to be built in three other student institutes.

The Head of all Agricultural projects in the ministry of education, Mr. Zaak Atali, said that these systems built by Growponics, are at least 10 times more advanced than any other system introduced to the ministry of education until today.


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