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Welcome to the page GROWPONICS company – a developer and manufacturer of high-greenhouses based on hydroponics method. Designed and patented by our method is highly effective and energy efficient. This is a real high-tech in the field of agricultural production.

In our greenhouses can grow cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, lettuce, onions and many other products using a unique technology. Depending on the type of product cultivation cycle takes no more than a 3-to 6 weeks at a record average daily productivity! A serving of 1 hectare of greenhouses team of only 5-7 workers.

Project development and construction of a factory-made greenhouse for a full cycle of the method – from design to construction, turnkey and training. Customer shall finished and greenhouse.

The proposed technology does not require additional heat consumption for heating, and includes the use of additional lighting to extend the growing season in the winter season.

All heating control processes, air temperature, humidity, light intensity, water, adding nutrients – automated.

In the process of design and certified by the European CE, ISO and Russian standards.

Greenhouses companies operate in Israel, England, Italy, and other countries. With the process of their operation can be found in Israel, in the factory – the greenhouse, located 20 km from Eilat, or in a factory – a greenhouse in Haifa (90 km from Tel Aviv, and 150km from Jerusalem).



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